Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Journey Of Self-Discovery

By Dadvey Zargaran

What did I like as a child, what do I like as an adult, what has consistently brought me happiness and what gives me a reason to live?

If you have ever thought about these simple but crucial questions, then you may also be asking if you have found the right answers. Finding your path in life may appear simple. But success often depends on how your logic muscles have been trained and the depth to which you observe the moments of life.

Many of us can recall our parents coaxing us to fulfil something that they might not have achieved themselves. In so doing, they became manipulative – albeit unconsciously - by saying some typical phrases that you might have heard: “you should become a doctor, a surgeon, or an architect!” You may well have writhed hatefully when they compared you with one of your spoiled, freakish relatives.

“Look at your cousins! They are A-students…and you?”

To sort our selves out, a centrist approach is inevitably desired. We take sum of all the opinions and experience of the people who know us and the people who inspire us in order to come up with the best choice and solution for ourselves. We want of course to be in the right position and choose the right subject or major to suit us best. But we must first clear our minds and reflect: What am I going to do, what did I like the most as a child, as an adult? Or simply, what has brought me happiness? And perhaps most importantly, what gives me reason to live?

Doing what comes naturally - what fits our talents and interests - will bring us the greatest pleasure. Having pleasure and reaching happiness are the keys to a developed and satisfying life.

A typical, healthy day of life consists of three main parts: work (usually 8 hours), recreation (about 6-8 hours of fun, learning, sports, etc.) and a good night’s sleep. Rationally and wisely, in order to end up getting the work done and having fun too, we need to learn about ourselves - basically speaking – our talents, skills and abilities, along with our weaknesses.

In sum, first get straight with your self in the first stage and know what you’re really good at and what you want. Second, get along with your parents and try to use all effective methods and tricks to convince them about your goal in life. And finally, work hard and be perseverant. I promise you will be successful and enjoy a desirable, enjoyable life. So, my friend, what was the first question, oh! I can remember it now, when I was a child I was quite good at… I loved to play…perform….


Anonymous said...

A great article! It made me think again and consider my goals and priorities in life. Thoughtful and creative!

herman said...

I enjoyed reading this interesting article.

eugene said...

inspirational,lovely article and an excellent topic and thesis.cheers

andrea said...

quick and meaningful, great and understandible sentences which are easy to read, and does not make the feeling that you have to read it one more time to to get the point of it

ugo said...

Great article with a good structure. It made me think over my goals and priorities in life which I never did.

Meredith said...

what a cute topic. we can always count on you to think of something different!

Anonymous said...

Boma said...
Its good thing rediscovering our talents and pursuing them even when it appears we have failed. I enjoyed this article and it is quite inspiring.I must add that you did a pretty good job congratulations Dadvey.