Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shaping The Minds Of Young Kids And Teens

New International Organisation Builds Cultural Bridges Between Young People

by Eugene Idigbe

Afromopicx is a non-profit organisation set up to engage the minds of teens and young adults. Established one year ago with its heaquarters in the Brixton neighborhood of London, England, it now has about 20 mini theaters around the world and over 200 members. On the 17th of march 2007, all roads will lead to the Golgota kapolna at Erzsebet krt 13 in Budapest’s district VII for the introduction of Afromopicx in Budapest, Hungary. The event will showcase several acts including a fusion of Afro-American/African music, European contemporary classical music, drama and stage performance from Brazil and much more.

At its inception in the UK in 2006, Afromopicx set a primary objective to bridge gaps in intercultural relations, encourage oneness and togetherness and to bring people together - especially teenagers - from all across the globe who have different values, norms and manners of thought to share ideas and culture with each other. The organization now has branches and members in Spain, Ecquador, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Nigeria and in several other nations.

Its target audience is the teenagers and young adults, who represent the next generation and who have a lot to express and share, explained Afromopicx representative Ayo Bamiro in a recent interview. Afromopicx aims at deviating their minds from negative vices and occupying their time with productive activities in a friendly, loving, extremely comfortable and condusive envinroment. Activities like drama, poetry, singing, dancing, capoeira, stage performances are encouraged, shared, taught and perfected, and this will go a long way in curbing crime, street violence and other immoral vices especially among youths.

“Afromopicx is a social organisation open and for free to all,” said Bamiro. “We currently have branches in over 20 countries around the world. Our aim is to engage young minds in acting, dance, salsa or any thing of interest which is positive especially to teenagers. It is both recreational and mind building.”

Mr Bamiro explained that his organization has grown rapidly with the help of a few corporate sponsors and notable individuals like UK rapper Plan B, along with the dreams of some high spirited teenagers and young adults who advocated positivity, global communion, and building young minds.

“We now have about 200 members 20 branches worldwide,” Bamiro added. “I will say it is definitely a right step in the right direction. We have mini theaters where kids, teenagers, and young adults can come to on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If some of the youths are interested in singing, we give them a microphone, they get on stage and sing, the other youths will be the audience. also every week we have professionals come in to advise, share and give lectures and talks, and help the youths work on their skills. Last year we had guests like Plan B in London and Ronaldinho in Brazil. It helps a lot because the teens listen to role models and are much happier to strive for perfection in whatever they do.”

Asked about those teenagers who are feeling left out but would like to know how they can become members, Bamiro responded by beckoning all those interested to attend the African Cultural Evening at the Golgota Kapolna on 17 March at 7 p.m.

“Membership is free,” Bamiro said. “Parents can come to the event with their kids to see exactly what we do and why kids who are members are always excited. After the show teens and young adults who are interested can register and get the ID cards absolutely free.”


herman said...

Nice article, its good to read about this organisation and how they are helping young kids and teens.

niko said...

i've never heared about this organisation befor, but i like the idea of bringig the kids together and not let them just waste front of the tv. nice article!

andrea said...

Good to see a really meaningful article, with real problems and great solutions

ugo said...

It is really nice to read an article like this one especially when it contains lots of information on how youths can engage themselves in activities that will help build their minds and spirits and also protect them from engaging in crime activities.
Thumbs up for this article.

miklos said...

WOW! You've found a real problem with real solutions. Very meaningful!

meredith said...

I have never heard of this either. Thanks for the informative peice. Nice research

Anonymous said...

Nice article, its good thing that there are such organisations cropping up all over the world which in long run will help remould the lives of yuong people keeping them far from violence. Excellent job Eugene! keep it up

Anonymous said...

Boma said...
Nice job, its good thing that such organisations are crooping all over the world which in return would sustain and enhance the lives of young people, keeping them distant from violence. Excellent job Eugene! keep it up.

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